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ART for midnight_birth: "Since You've Been Gone " (G)

Title: Since You've Been Gone
Artist: 7types
Recipient: midnight_birth
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: The characters belong to JKR; this work was done for fun, not profit.
Artist's Notes: Pen and ink. midnight_birth, I hope you enjoy!

Since You've Been Gone


I love this. It embodies a gentleness and a sweetness that was all but lost to Snape in his later years. I love that it's in black and white; its sparseness only adds to its rather melancholy mood. And this line is simply heartbreaking:

It's all there in the end: poison, blood, death. And love, always love.

Beautifully done!
You lovely showed all the stages of their relationship and gave Severus what JKR didn't: peace and reward after his death :) B
Very nice!

I like the little Alice in Wonderland quote slipped in there (isn't it?).
Beautiful! It's both clever and touching, but what I loved best is the touch of humour - Severus' line when he "wakes on the other side" is priceless. The Burbage scene is also very impressive<;
Great storyboard and what a hopeful tale for these two.
This is beautiful. :) A very touching ficlet -- I loved the 'I can fix it' line. *sniff* -- and very cute drawings. Well done.
And the butter. LOL. Adorkable. :D
This is very beautifully done!

This was very lovely! I love the idea of their ever-after-life!


I love this, dear mystery artist!! Absolutely love this!! I must have re-read/watched this a billion times to drink in every awesome detail of this! xD

I love that you included everything that I wanted and love to see - their childhood, their teenagehood, and their afterlife. And I love the details! The coat the first time we see Severus, mushrooms and flowers where he's standing, the Fat Lady, the tomb, and Voldie's chair and Nagini around it. Oh, and the doe is gorgeous!!! It's all just lovely!

I'm a huge fan of the way you did facial expressions. Very simple, but so very expressive!! Severus's first expression is just so light and innocent and happy! I also really like the way he looks - his mouth set and a sort of acceptance on his face - in Voldie's halls.

The little text you have is so poignant and eloquent and descriptive that no more words are simply needed. :D I never hoped for peace - wouldn't know what to do with it if I had it. --> LOVE THIS LINE!! I can kind of relate to it in a strange way, and it just rings so true to his character.

Thank you so much for giving them the only happy ending they could have, realistically, had! Severus deserves it! I don't even care where James is, because they deserve this, just the two of them, after so long and so much!

THANK YOU!!! This is just amazing! I love receiving art, and while that doesn't happen too often, every time it does, I get incredible things, and this is no exception!!