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ART for imisstheobvious: "Anniversary" (R, NWS)

Title: Anniversary
Artist: prayer_at_night
Recipient: imisstheobvious
Rating: R (NWS)
Warnings: (not really sexual) nudity, AU
Disclaimer: I don't own Severus and Lily; if I did, she'd never have married that arrogant toerag Potter.
Artist's Notes: Dear imisstheobvious, your likes left almost everything open for me, and I sketched around trying to draw something that included as many of them as possible; in the end, this picture insisted to be drawn, even though it only fits with AU and happy ending.^^° I hope you like it anyway! Many thanks to orpheus_samhain for organizing this fest for us!



I got art!

And I wish I were not at work and could view on something not a Blackberry!

I love the coloring and the shading and the naked and yes, please! This is how it should be. XD thank you!
I'm so glad you like it! And thank you.^^
I really love how this Exchange is allowing participants to portray Snape in such a gentle, loving light. This is no exception. He looks happy! And loved! And in love! Excellent :)
Thanks a lot! Yeah, that's how I love to draw Snape, so I'm glad I had the chance to do it in this exchange. Glad you like it!
I didn't see immediately the letter with the bunch of lilies, but I adore this detail. Both Severus and Lily look so contented and happy! Very lovely.
I'm glad you like the picture, and especially the details; thanks!:-*
This is very satisfying to see their established relationship, without James or anyone else looming on the horizon :) I didn't realise it, but this is what was missing in my fanon picture of this pairing :)

I also admire the colouring, the shadows and highlights and especially how Lily's and Severus' skins differ--his being sallow, according to canon :)
Yay for your mentioning the different skin colours! That's one of the things I'm really happy with in this pic.^^ And "Sev and Lily are happy together"!AU is one of my favourites, so I'm glad you like it, too.
Thanks a lot!
Well, hello there happy trail!!

This is lovely and I love the coloring and the little details like the flowers.

And Lily's eyes? GORGEOUS!!
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my picture.^^
how lovely to imagine that they could have been so content, to relax in each other's arms and celebrate their time together! I love how Sev looks so -- unlined, not anxious. That's it! He has no furrow in his brow.
Yeah, I wanted them to be content and together and unmarked (total AU... so what?! :P), and I'm glad you like that. Thanks a lot!