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2010 sign ups

1. This is an an anonymous art and fic exchange. It means that in order to receive a gift you'll have to create something in return. You will know for whom you draw/write, but you won't know who draws/writes for you. It also means that you cannot reveal the authorship of your work to anyone and you cannot post your work elsewhere before the master list is posted here. new: Please, don't use the sockpuppet journals to reply to the comments. You can do so with your own, regular journal AFTER the master list is posted.

2. Schedule:
sign ups: Mar 2-09
prompts out: Mar 14
works due: May 09
posting starts: May 17
reveal: 3 days after the last piece is posted

3. Before you sign up, please, make sure that there are no obstacles for you to be able to submit your gift on time (i.e. final exams, scheduled surgery, family reunion, etc). Remember that by abandoning your assignment you leave someone without a gift, and finding a pinch-hitter at the last moment isn't easy. I understand that there can always be some unpredictable circumstances. As soon as you realise that you will be unable to fulfil your obligation, let the mod know at orpheus_on_samhain_night at yahoo co uk. Without any explanations, simply "I quit". Your gift will be re-assigned and pinch-hitter will take over your place.

People who will drop out from the third round will not be allowed to participate in the fourth one.

4. All themes, genres and ratings are allowed, including, but not limited to: canon, missing scenes, AU, dark!fic, what-if!scenarios, time-travel, dystopia, romance, fluff, PWP, love, friendship, hate, revenge, remorse, etc.

5. Lily and Severus must be the main focus of your work. Fic must be at least 1,000 words long, spell-checked and beta read. Artists must think of an equivalent, certainly something more than a quick sketch. The mod reserves the right to return the work with request to correct it, if she thinks that these criteria have not been met. Moreover, your fic cannot be a part of your earlier work - the recipient may not be familiar with it. Your fic must contain all HTML codes you wish to include (italics, bold, etc).

A few beta readers resources, but I strongly recommend Perfect Imagination. Please, secure your beta reader early on to avoid delay.

6. Sign ups are enabled on LJ only to avoid double sign ups and to make it easier for the mod. Posting will take place on both IJ and LJ with comments enabled here and there.

7. Sign up template [right-click in the area, choose 'select all', right-click again, select 'copy' and paste the text into your comment]:

Be as specific or vague as you like.

As a creator please remember that the things listed as your recipient's 'dislikes' must not appear in your work for them.

As a recipient, please, remember that your 'likes' are a guide for an artist/author but don't expect them to include every single one, especially if you listed many. The author will certainly do their best to accommodate your wishes, but remember that it will be their interpretation of your prompts and not a direct projection of your expectations. If you're uncomfortable with any other take on this pairing than your own, please, reconsider your participation.

8. Please, confirm receiving the assignment via return email within 3 days. If not, it will be re-assigned.

If you'd like more people to participate in the exchange, pimp it in your journal, linking to this post. You can use this banner:

If something is unclear, please don't hesitate to ask.
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