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less_for_you's Journal

Lily Evans/Severus Snape anonymous exchange
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Welcome to less_for_you, the Lily Evans/Severus Snape anonymous art and fic exchange.

This is the place for those who know that sometimes 'less' means 'more'. If you're a Lily/Severus shipper and would like to see more fanarts and fanfics dedicated to this pairing, if you're willing to submit your work and in return receive a gift tailored for you - this is the place.

All themes, genres and ratings are allowed.

art Itsumo by ~irisclaymore

less_for_you LE/SS 2010 timetable less_for_you

sign ups: 02-09 March
assignments out: 14 March
due date: 09 May
posting starts: 17 May
master list: 3 days after the last piece is posted

Masterlists from the previous years:
2008 2009

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